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A warm welcome to all clients of Father's for Equal Rights and a special HELLO to all other visitors coming from other websites. As a member of family law practice and legal counsel for twenty five years, please know that I have but one interest in mind as your attorney: that is to aggressively protect your legal rights and those of your children. Consequently, if you are in a legal situation where you need help with a family-law related matter - please call me or email me with your issue. I will then visit with you over the phone and let you know how I can help resolve your legal matter and the cost involved in handling your case. You will find that I offer experienced quality legal representation at affordable fees. Again thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Family Law: Mr. Alvarado?s practice in this area covers the following:

Protective Order Defense and Criminal Assault Defense cases.
Divorce and Post Divorce Modification
Custody suits and child support issues
Paternity and adoption
Contempt actions involving civil/criminal sanctions
Modification of child support and custody
Visitation enforcement by non-custodial parents
Relocation and residence restriction matters
Grand-parent access suit

Mr. Alvarado's practice is dedicated to providing aggressive legal representation for his clients whether by Agreement, Mediation or Litigation before Judge or Jury. Whether you are a high level executive/manager, the policeman on street patrol or the typical wage earner. I will handle your case with a high level of integrity, respect and confidence. You, as a client, deserve no less from your attorney.

Other areas of practice include :
Criminal Law
Immigration Law
Personal Injury Law
Wills and Probate
IRS and Tax Law

Law Office of Paul Alvarado & Associates
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Office Telephone: (817) 368-5996
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This non-profit offer all a path to a better future with our children. Take the time to find out more.
  -- Frank L. - New York, NY

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