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Christopher P. Heise has been practicing law for over a decade. After coming from a humble background, he honorably served his country in the armed forces. He is committed to providing the best legal representation for his clients. Mr. Heise has a substantial family law practice, which includes divorce, custody, adoption, child support, and paternity cases. He also practices criminal law with such items as expunction/non-disclosure, occupational licenses, and CDL licenses. Mr. Heise rounds out his practice with probate and other general practice matters. He possesses bench trial, jury trial, and arbitration experience and is a certified mediator.

Mr. Heise is a dynamic and authoritative legal representative for his clients and is well respected by his peers and judicial staff. He has repeatedly been recognized among Texas Magazine's Top Attorneys, Fort Worth. Mr. Heise and his legal team are qualified and ready to resolve your legal matter.

Heise Law Firm, P.C.
312 West Cannon Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
Phone: (817) 877-1555

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