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If you do not like how courts are treating you and your children, you have no choice but to get active. Until you stand up no one else is going to stand up for you. Either put up or shut up.

The Texas legislature is having interim committee hearings. This session is about child support. People, our "guidelines" may change. Do you want them better or worse? Now is a great time to make 50/50 custody the standard rather than a parent and visiting ATM.

We need your help. Below are steps and practices as we go along. Watch for hearing notices. If you wish to be on our direct email listing for action, contact us.

We need help changing Texas Family Law and all you have to do is make a call.

The Legislative section of the Fathers for Equal Rights website is provided by the Texas Fathers Alliance.

Click here to find your Texas legislator and enter your zip code and see your legislator then make a call.

About your call:

Identify yourself by name, address, and organization you represent, if any, and, if you are a constituent of the legislator, make that point known. Keep the call short and to-the-point. Don't go into your life story. If the person seems to want to extend the call, let them take the lead. Make an outline of points you want to make in advance to help you order your thoughts through the conversation and to insure that you do not forget an important point during the call.

An example conversation would be:

"This is John Doe in Dallas Texas. I would like to speak with Ms. Peg Henley please." "Ms. Henley, HB1655 is being heard on Tuesday in the Juvenile Justice and Family Issues committee and I am asking Representative Toby Goodman to support this bill. This legislation is very important to noncustodial parents trying to be a part of their children's lives, and children who might otherwise be raised without the benefit of both parents. Thank you for time in this matter"

Bills and Legislation

Fathers For Equal Rights is a wonderful group that cares about what's best for the children.
  -- Janice N.

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