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A Welcome Letter

Welcome to Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc., the parent company of the Fathers for Equal Rights - Fort Worth. The vision of Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. is that society will recognize the right of every child to have a healthy relationship with both parents,regardless of the status of their family structure.

This website is setup for you to enjoy many articles and presentations at your leisure and at no cost to you. New articles and updated changes in the law are posted on a regular basis. This side of the website will be referred to as the standard Free Membership . You can now access Fathers for Equal Rights at Facebook by clicking on the link or keep track of us and our events on your phone through text messages by going to our Twitter page. Be sure to check back with us periodically.

We know that you have probably come to this website because of a very personal problem that you are facing and that your children are most likely involved. I have personally counseled with over 28,000 members in the past 16 years and I can assure you that knowledge, hard work, and love for your children is the formula to successfully get through your issues. We hope this website provides you with both knowledge and the courage to successfully use that knowledge.

On November 1, 2005, Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. introduced a revolutionary new Premium Membership to this website. The Premium Membership is an incredible break-through educational tool. The cost is only $50.00 for an entire year. That's less than 15 minutes of time with most family law attorneys!!!

As a Premium Membership member, you will be able to direct an unlimited number of questions to family law attorneys from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. The Ask an Attorney section, a function of the Premium Membership, allows you to get your questions answered by one or more of the 35 Attorneys that volunteer with Fathers for Equal Rights. Each question will be routed to 2 attorneys and answered within 1 business day.

The Online Courses section, another function of the Premium Membership, allows you to listen to prerecorded courses averaging 20 minutes each on several topics relating to family law. We will be adding five to six new courses each year.

I hope you enjoy both the standard Free Membership and the upgraded Premium Membership . Best of luck with your legal issues. Please come visit our Ft. Worth or Dallas office soon.

Mission Statement

The vision of Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. is that society will recognize the right of every child to have a healthy relationship with both parents, regardless of the status of their family structure.

The mission of Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. is to promote equitable family laws and practices that will respect the rights and needs of all family members.

The Objective

The primary objective of Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. is education. We provide education to parents to help them:

  • Become equal parents
  • Understand their parental rights and obtain fair and equal court judgments which assure that fathers and their children have a personal and legal relationship subsequent to divorce
  • Be better parents
  • Provide a good, stable and responsible two-home atmosphere for their children
  • Organize activities in a two home environment
  • Provide methods of coping with stepchild/stepparent problems
  • Provide methods for natural parent/stepparent to cope with former spouse

Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. strives to provide leadership and information to the general community through:

  • Advocating that children need two parents
  • Maintaining positive relationships with family courts personnel
  • Monitoring court proceedings
  • Analyzing the significance of local, national and international legislation and court decisions
  • Impacting appropriate legislation: local, state, national, and international
  • Providing information and networking through Internet and other media
  • Partnering with other community organizations
  • Countering negative stereotypes of men and fathers
  • Promoting rational gender equity throughout society
  • Advocating healthy marriages and family life
  • Networking with other fathers and men?s organization nationwide and worldwide

Legislative Goals

Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. shall legislatively seek change to promote equity between parents and remove provisions that are not equal or are detrimental to the healthy development of the children subject to these laws, including the following:

  • A child's right to a full, equal and positive relationship with both parents
  • A child's right to support from both parents
  • A child's right to be treated as an interested and affected person and not as a pawn of either parent or state
  • A child's right to an environment that will best guarantee his or her opportunity to grow and mature to a responsible citizen
  • A child's right to day-to-day love, care, discipline, and protection from both parents
  • A child's right to an education that is comparable to standards common to the community
  • A child's right to be recognized as an individual
  • Fair and equal sharing by parents of the costs of divorce or child custody proceedings
  • Fair and equal sharing by parents of their children's support
  • Economic support of children based on each parents? ability to pay, while providing sufficient funds for the children's needs, to be administered on behalf of the children
  • An accountability system in which a parent that receives child support must account to the Court and the parent providing support, how and where child support monies are spent
  • Requiring the courts to consider the cost of maintaining two homes for the child when setting support orders
  • Equal and fair standards on all issues that may affect the welfare of children, family law, and family law practices

After blowing a huge sum of money on one of the 'best attorneys' in Dallas, but with minimal progress, I found Fathers For Equal Rights and quickly learned that nobody can know or be as passionate about my case, or my son's well-being, as me.
  -- David A. - Dallas, TX

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