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By: Paul Stuckle, Attorney at Law

  1. Representing YourselfFind someone with substantial experience; trial skills are learned in battle;
  2. Domestic violence and child abuse / sexual assault allegations are specialized cases; general experience is not enough. Your attorney must know the specific ways to handle your case;
  3. If an attorney says to cooperate with cps or the police; walk away immediately;
  4. If an attorney says to wait and see if your are indicted; walk away immediately; the best time to get a dismissal is before a formal charge;
  5. Find an attorney who cares, there are some if you look hard enough;
  6. You get what you pay for is a reality in this area; if it sounds too good to be true, it is;
  7. Don't shy away from a good attorney who is not located in the county of your case; many times the "home field advantage" argument is bogus. Home field will always belong to the prosecutor and judge who are in bed together. An outsider who does not care about making anyone happy, but just wants to win, may be the way to go;
  8. Find an attorney who will see you and return calls personally; legal assistants are not good enough;
  9. Find an attorney who wants to go to trial; there is usually nothing to gain in a plea bargain. A family violence conviction will mean that you will lose your children. A sexual assault conviction means the end of your life;
  10. Be patient, take your time, and feel good about your attorney selection. How you respond and fight after being charged with a crime is the most important decision of your life.

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