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How We've Help Our Members

"To Fathers For Equal Rights,

My wife and I really appreciate the help and no-nonsense approach we received from FER towards getting our two motions outlined, typed and filed.

The process was painless.

I also wanted to share some good news about our trip over to the courthouse after we left your office. We arrived at the courthouse just after one pm and went to the 301st clerk's office. She told us we would have to get an associate judge's signature on it and then get a judge to sign off as well.

As we were riding up to the 5th floor my wife said a simple prayer, "God, please help us find the judges." As we got off on the 5th floor looking for an associate judge I recognized Judge Maultsby, from earlier hearings several years ago, and introduced myself. She was just coming back from lunch but was kind enough to sign off on it. We then went back up to clerk's office to get the motion "conformed" and while my wife was in talking with the clerk I stayed out in the hallway. Well, the office I was standing right outside of was the judge's coordinator. The court reporter was in her office and came out and started oohing and awwwing over our little Johnny. He woke up and started flirting with her.

My wife came out from the clerk's office and said in front of the Coordinator, Court Reporter and myself, "We need to find a judge." The Coordinator said, "let me see that" and walked back into her office for about 15 seconds with the paperwork and came back with it signed. We couldn't believe how God had blessed that simple prayer and including time standing in line down at County Clerk's office to pay our fees and get it all filed properly, we were only in the courthouse about 55 minutes.

If we had used an attorney to do this, it would have taken weeks and cost hundreds of dollars. Between joining Fathers For Equal Rights, preparation of our two motions, process serving fees AND court costs, we only spent $310 dollars. We are still paying off legal fees from several years ago with a family law attorney who basically only did the minimum for us when it came to trial and was more than happy to bill us for every administrative and legal thing they could.

Please pass this along to anyone who wonders about the work and service FER provides."

This non-profit offer all a path to a better future with our children. Take the time to find out more.
  -- Frank L. - New York, NY

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