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By: 1999 The Positive Line

  • Be a good role model by controlling your own anger.
  • Never spank your child or use any other physical force when he/she gets out of control.
  • Limit your child's viewing of violence in the media, whether on TV, in movies, video or on the Internet.
  • Keep your child healthy, with enough rest and nutritious foods.
  • Learn to recognize signs of stress in your child and help him/her handle stress you can't reduce.
  • Encourage your child to put angry feelings into words rather than into physical actions.
  • Teach your child to respect the feelings of others.
  • Help your child make a list of things to do when angry that won't hurt himself/herself or others.
  • If you blow up at your child, apologize later, after you've calmed down.

If your child has a problem learning to control anger, seek additional help from counselors or social workers at school or in the community.

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