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Joseph E. CordellDisparity Between Child Support and Custody Enforcement

You'll read about it often -- the creative methods judges and other officials use to shame people who owe child support.

There is the man ordered not to procreate. The guy who must tell any female he meets that he owes child support. The dads forced to display signs proclaiming themselves "deadbeats."

Much is made of the offensive moniker "deadbeat dads" and the histrionic punishments doled out by zealous judges.

However, throughout my 20+ years with Cordell & Cordell advocating for fathers' rights, it is apparent the more pertinent story is the paucity of attention, much less innovation, given the reciprocal problem relating to primary custodians that defy court orders respecting the other parent's access and participation in children's lives.

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Fathers For Equal Rights is a wonderful group that cares about what's best for the children.
  -- Janice N.

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